7 Nov / 2019

Bed Bug Bites: Sleepless Nights?

While not dangerous, bed bug bites could result in serious itching as many people are actually sensitive to the bug’s saliva. It’s embarrassing as well, especially if friends come to keep as well as go home with much more than they bargained for.

Once you learn the presence of Cimex Lectularius to make these pests the correct name of theirs, you have to act quickly. There are lots of over the counter treatments available including lavender oil, insecticidal dust and insect growth regulators.

Although it smells lovely lavender oil isn’t an excellent treatment.

The best home therapy for these bugs is actually insecticidal dust as it kills them as soon as they are available in contact with it. Though the majority of folks make the error of placing this particular dust in small lines on windowsill and drawers. These bugs are not dumb and sometimes they simply walk around it. You have to spread the dust into the cracks and crevices exactly where bed bugs typically hide.

Some individuals want using insect growth regulators on the foundation that they’re far more humane. They don’t kill but help make the bugs impotent thus preventing them reproducing. Personally I will make use of the above mentioned dust instead as I could not share the house of mine with these creatures while waiting to find out if the therapy was effective!

If you’ve a major infestation, get the bed bug exterminator in as they know precisely how to cope with the issue. You might spend weeks cleaning the home of yours and still not remove every bug. They could live without eating for up to a season and so they are able to hide out in all kinds of locations not noticeable to the human eye.