18 Jul / 2019

Blue Hawaii Along With A Good Cup Of Joe

I will never forget my initial trip to Hawaii. People often talk about their incredible trips to Hawaii, for this reason I decided to put a drive together and go. I booked a package deal to 4 islands with 3 days in Hawaii. After obtaining my rental car and looking for myself on an easy two-lane road, I navigated a quick drive east on the beach on the beautiful island of Maui. I can hardly drive as I was feeling the jet-lag after knowing Hanauma bay hours. I was already pretty exhausted from my life and job in Los Angeles. Suddenly the brilliant blue ocean comes into view and I find myself traveling alongside the beach. It was so gorgeous and I was so exhausted that I pulled the car of mine over on a little drive off area. I grabbed the towel of mine and walked up the embankment. Looking all over at the blue water, I might experience the gentle wind which was blowing the nearby palms. I stood there and laughed, thinking out loud, “No wonder everyone comes to Hawaii, this is fantastic.”

I threw my towel down on the soft white sand along with a thankful sigh collapsed in exhaustion. Looking sideways out towards the blue water, I had taken a big breath of fresh air, closed my eyes and slept for the following 3 hours allowing the island heal me. Waking up, I jumped into the ocean in addition to being swum for an hour. I could not have imagined a better way to show up in the Hawaiian Islands. After 4 fabulous days sailing and snorkeling on Maui, I made my way to the Big Island. The first order of business was to drink a good cup of Joe! Kona coffee was on the upper part of the checklist of mine. Although I’m a self professed lover of green tea, sometimes there is nothing like a good glass of the brown savory brew, particularly in Hawaii and particularly in Kona, famous for its coffee. My daily ritual began with drinking a cup of espresso, and after that snorkeling at the seaside. From there I would drive around the island while listening to Hawaiian radio. It was easy to stop on the side area of the road for a number of fresh pineapple and mango. I discovered myself smiling a lot while discovering the island and enjoying the folks. I made sure to wear flowers in my hair, look out across blue waters, and love decorative sunsets.