12 Dec / 2017

Knob & Tube Electrical Wiring 101: What Is It & Why Is It Secure?

A lot of people visit our Lafayette, New Iberia, and Abbeville electricians who have queries concerning knob and tube electrical wiring. They would like to know if they need to buy a home that still has knob and tube electric. They would like to know whether it’s very likely to trigger an electrical fire or other problems. They would like to know if they need to update the electrical wiring in their homes. In Pipes & Plugs, we think that knowledge is power, and that is the reason why we wish to share with you the details about knob and tube electrical wiring.

What’s Knob & Tube (K&T) Electrical Wiring?

* This was the standard technique of wiring from around the 1880s to 1940s.

* Currently, it’s deemed obsolete and isn’t utilized in new construction.

* Ceramic tubes are utilized to protect wires since they pass through wall studs and floor joists.

* Ceramic knobs hold the cables in place.

There are just two wires: a black (hot) wire and a white (neutral) wire.

Only two-pronged appliances could be powered unless ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) are installed.

Is Knob & Tube Wiring Safe?

-Lots of knob and tube electrical systems have suffered damages over the years which make them hazardous. Risks arise out of:

* Thermal insulation that’s been put over wires.

* Wire insulation that’s been ruined by intruding creatures.

* Degraded rubber insulating material.

* Unsafe modifications.