31 Oct / 2017

Outplacement: A Career Transition Benefit You Need To Demand

In today’s podcast we’ll build on a current topic of my blog posts: career management and career transition.

In part one, we’ll research outplacement services — what it is, how does this work, who pays for this, why it’s so essential for executives who’ve been laid off or terminated, and also the way to ask that important advantage.

In Part 2, I’ll discuss a story about a Chief Operating Officer who, in the summer of 2015, learned that his health program no longer needed his services.

I’m at the career management business — both as a professional search consultant and as a career coach. I’ve always presumed that executives knew that which outplacement or transition coaching is, how the program works that pays the tab for its service and the reason it’s such a significant advantage for executives who are back at the job marketplace.

The surprising truth is the way many executives do not know what it is or why it’s crucial.

So before we revisit the narrative of the Chief Operating Officer that I wrote around in 2015, let us discuss outplacement or transition coaching — exactly what it is, what it really isn’t, that pays and why an executive ought to insist that it’s contained in their severance package. I feel its well worth fighting for.

To begin with, what’s it? Outplacement is a program designed to help a departing executive be ready to re-enter the work market and also to expedite the time needed to locate their next better place. It’s all about assisting an executive affirm, or redefine, their career worth brand that’s the basis of why somebody would want to employ them. It starts with understanding their worth, proceeds with the development of a restart, also incorporates insights about creating a personal career brand, in addition to the ability of social media, messaging for crucial topics, preparing for interviews, and prepping the references and ultimately, closing the offer.

But what outplacement is not. Outplacement is NOT a procedure where consultants locate the out-of-work executive that a new occupation. The one person who can locate the new job is the fact that executive. Outplacement consultants assist the executive prepare and supply support for their upcoming search, it isn’t a placement service. The executive has to place in the time and effort.