21 Apr / 2018

The Les Sims Mobile Adventures Expansion Pack Glitches And Bugs

The Les Sims Mobile World Adventures expansion pack added on the match in a means that has not ever been achieved yet. Sure there’s been the capability to travel together with The Les Sims Mobile Holiday expansion pack but with World experiences, your Sims will travel to 3 distinct nations and perform a variety of tasks, solve puzzles, find treasure, and unlock new abilities, locate rare fish, stones and insects. However, much like almost any Sims game, the World Adventures growth also includes its share of bugs and glitches.

Here are some known triche les sims mobile and Glitches:

– When saving the game you get an error “error 16” that Won’t Permit You to save your game Despite Numerous efforts

– Sims that have traveled could disappear like they never existed

– The family tree will appear blank for a few Sims and may be un-clickable altogether

– When setting a tent, even if There Is Absolutely No room for this the tent will Nevertheless Be shown from the cursor’s hands to be put and the only way to Eliminate it is to change to map view and then go back to your Sims’ perspective

– Random cars are stuck facing a Sims home even the busy family you’re playing and can’t be deleted

– Following Sims return from travel they no longer do things in their own such consume a meal, shower or go to function

– Foreigner Sims never era even with narrative progression on. If You’ve Got a child with foreigner, the foreigner parent remains the identical era though the child has become maturity

– Foreigner shop merchant NPCs Appear to vanish and are not present in the Shop to buy from

To make your game play more enjoyable, you must have several copies of your saved games from different “save points” so that if one saved game becomes buggy you are able to use an old file.